About Us

Yep, we're a Mom and Pop shop. Brick and mortar. Call us a dinosaur if you wish.  But, we believe our hand-selected inventory is the best affordable cool stuff out there.

We're always buying, selling and trading what we would personally use and whole-heartedly believe in (as Charley did). We keep our inventory fresh, unique and exciting so you'll want to come back again and again and again.

We don't try to be everything to everybody. Hard-to-come-by fretted instruments and tube amplifiers and, expert and full-time fretted instrument repair services are the heart of our business. These we provide with personal customer service.

Our customers' requests and feedback keep our inventory top notch and each one of us on our toes. It's only through the satisfaction of our customers that we measure our success!

Come by and see us sometime. We welcome your visit and sincerely appreciate your business.

Here we are: Don Townsley, Max Townsley, Steven Cooper, Brian Harris, Bryant Russell, "The" Gerald Jones, and Sheila and Clay Powers